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It All Started In 2002

A lot of children do not grow up to their full potential due to several social factors. Tomorrow’s world greatly depends on our youth and it is important to empower them.

The Cherry Hills Eagles foundation located in Baltimore, MD was established in 2002 to help empower the youth and enhance their success in life. This organization provides youth football, youth boxing, youth cheer leading, community food drives, free dinners and several other programs that are designed to help children hit a home run in life.

I grew up and the Cherry Hill Community. In a single-parent household with no father figure. The only males we had to look up to where the so-called gangsters.

At the age of six I started going to the recreational center across the street from my house. It was a safe place to play and have fun.Mr.Brown was the director at the center. He was a hard-working man and a positive role model to all the youth in the community. We looked up to him as a father figure.

All of the kids had to leave the rec center at 6 p.m. The grown-ups would come in until 9 p.m. I found a way to stay in the rec until it closed. I asked Mr. Brown to give me a job sweeping the floors. He paid me $1 a day. As I grew older I began to volunteer coaching Sports at the rec  center. Year after year Mr. Brown would always say it was his last year finally, after 32 years of service he retired and entrusted me with the responsibilities save the youth from different trials and tribulationshe responsibility to help save the kids from different types of difficult situations.

Today we focus on helping the youth become better people in life through the Cherry Hill Eagles youth Development Program. We believe that life hold so many simple blessings, each day brings its own individual wonder and we and endeavor to be a blessing to so many youth who deserves our support.


Raheem Brown


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