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Introducing the Cherry Hill Youth Development & Resource Center.

We now implement new, additional programming consisting of four new modules included:

  • Trauma Informed Coaching
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Leadership Development
  • iChoose Youth Leadership and Values Program

These programs are available to our youth, their  families, the coaches and community volunteers. We address issues beyond sports such as trauma, leadership, educational success, character development, and more.

The goal of the Cherry Hill Eagles Foundation is to minimize the negative outcomes for our youth that are typically caused by various socioeconomic factors and influences. This  includes lack of access to opportunity.

The Foundation provides support and assistance  through ongoing direct services to the youth and their families. The Foundation has greatly increased the numbers that they serve, and provides a central location that is a safe space for youth to fellowship, learn and grow through sports, therapy, and mentorship.

When crime and poverty permeate a community, the youth are often left to contend with the  ramifications, without the proper tools to transcend them. Cherry Hill Eagles Foundation would like  to continue to change this narrative on an even greater scale.

Each year, The Cherry Hill Eagles Foundation provides ongoing direct services to more than 250  youth and over 150 families. The Foundation has a full staff of volunteers that include past  program participants, coaches, parents, and community partners. The new programming and the  new community center provides a safe space and the right tools to serve the already established  group of youth participants and their families, and is greatly increasing that number.

Expanded Programming 

  • Trauma Informed Coaching
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Leadership Development
  • iChoose Youth Leadership/Values

Outcomes include:

  • Youth ability to effectively manage their response to trauma, through effective communication
  • Youth ability to lead effectively, by making independent, well thought out decisions
  • Youth ability to  mentor their peers.

Trained Staff  

  • Program Director
  • Office Manager
  • Outreach Coordinator (2) (PT)
  • Social Worker (consultant)
  • Negotiation Conflict Resolution Specialist (consultant)

Comprehensive Youth Sports Program 

  • Football – Spring/Fall (Flag & Tackle)
  • Water Sports (Swimming, Kayaking)
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Boxing

Foundation Events

  • Peace in the Street Cookout (1,000+)
  • School Bookbag Giveaway (500+)
  • Mother’s Day Event
  • Community Thanksgiving Dinner (600+)
  • School visits for all participants
  • High School Tour
  • Juvenile Jail Visits (talk with inmates)
  • Substance Abuse Counseling

Your turn to make a move.